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The Consumer Council is proud to present: "Consumerism at a Click"

"Consumerism at a Click". The simplest and easiest way to examine the legal right to cancel a deal. Israel Consumer Council empowers consumers through an innovative application that allows them to examine their legal right to cancel a deal while receiving practical tools to put their right into action.


Israel Consumer Council is currently launching on its Web site a friendly application called "Consumerism at a Click" which empowers the consumers and gives them tools to independently examine their right to cancel a purchase, along with practical tools to achieve the right. Below is a link to the new application on the Website:


For the "Consumerism at a Click" information video:


Today, in the information age, consumers are constantly looking for online information about rights and their realization, they use social network to share with other consumers, and they wish to act independently using quick and immediate tools. Alongside this, the application was developed.

The application allows the consumer to simply perform an examination of his personal case through answering a series of questions. At the end of the process, the consumer receives an evaluation whether he is entitled to cancel the purchase he made. In cases where the consumer may cancel the deal, he will receive practical tools to realize his right:

Consumer rights guide appropriate to his own case, and a cancellation letter to the service / product supplier formulated in advance and adjusted to the circumstances of the specific case.

The tool covers all three different types of purchases, of which the legislature has given the consumer the right for a one-sided cancellation:

1. Purchase of a product via Internet service, phone or fax (remote sales transactions).

2. Purchase of a product or service via "door-to-door" vendors, exhibition, home, work or anywhere that is not the usual place of business (peddling transaction).

3. Purchase of a product or service at businesses under certain conditions.
At the end of the process, the consumer will receive a message that "you are not entitled to cancel the purchase," or "You have the right to cancel the purchase," according to his own circumstances.

In a case where there is a right to cancel the consumer will reach a guide for canceling a purchase adapted to the circumstances of the purchase, which contains a detailed explanation of how to exercise the right of cancellation, the right to restitution and compensation, and the cancellation fees to be paid.

From every guide can be downloaded a "notice of cancellation" letter drafted in advance. The consumer than must fill his personal information, the business information, purchase details, date and signature. The letter sets out the relevant statutory provisions, which strengthens the position of the consumer.

Consumerism at a Click is intended for personal or home use purchases only. Purchases made for or by another business are not covered by this app.

The application is free and is given to consumers as part of the the Israel Consumer Council efforts to promote smart consumerism and empower consumers to stand on consumer rights and exercise them.

The tool is available to the public on the Israel Consumer Council Website; you can and should set it as a favorite website on your "Smartphone" and use the application at anytime and anywhere.

The tool was developed by a team of experts including legal advisers skilled in consumer laws, legal content learning software developer, and was conducted by Point technologies.

Consumer Council CEO, Adv. Ehud Peleg says that alongside the ongoing struggle for consumer rights and fairness, the Council works to develop various tools to strengthen consumers' self-protections.

"The Israeli commerce reality does not make discounts for innocence" states Mr. Peleg, "Consumers should acquire knowledge about their legal rights and the tools to realize them before they carry out a purchase, to help them deal with the all too common traps and the business marketing tricks."

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