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“Only losers pay and pay” – Television awareness campaign for children

For the first time, the Israel Consumer Council has launched a television campaign for smart consumerism on the Children’s Channel. The campaign will be led by a video clip, “Only losers pay and pay”, produced specially for the campaign.

The campaign was launched on the Children’s Channel during October, and will run for six months. The campaign clip will be broadcast a number of times each day on the Children’s Channel, as well as on the websites for the Children’s Channel and the Israel Consumer Council.

The campaign was launched on the Children’s Channel, with the aim of educating the young viewing audience to on making smart and informed choices as consumers, to apply appropriate considerations when making a purchase, and to avoid impulsive buying.

The clip, based on the Consumer Protection Law, includes educational and consumer messages, based on the various considerations that enter into making a purchase, need versus desire, price comparison, social pressures and advertising.

In parallel, the Children’s Channel website includes an activity area with a trivia quiz offering prizes; the quiz questions relate to the consumer issues addressed by the clip.

Adv. Ehud Peleg, CEO of the Consumer Council: “Children’s programs are an important means of transmitting a message, using language and communications methods that are relevant to children. Educating toward making correct consumer decisions has to start at an early age. In parallel, the Consumer Council is working to inculcate the values of smart consumerism among children and youth, and we expect that the stars from the Children’s Channel will serve as positive role models and have an influence promoting a more healthy lifestyle.”

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