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The Consumer Council has launched an app for filing real-time complaints

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The Consumer Council is proud to launch a unique app – currently going live and available for free both on Android and iOS – that allows consumers who have been harmed by wrongful or improper conduct on the part of businesses (fraudulence, deception, defective products, unjust refusal to cancel a transaction, etc.) to quickly and easily file a complaint.


The app allows consumers to fill out all the necessary complaint forms in real time and also upload files directly from their mobile phone and attach them to the complaint.

After filling out the complaint form, the consumer will receive a complaint number and password, with which he / she can check, via the app and at any time, the status of the complaint. Via the app, consumers can also contact the Consumer Council for a phone consultation. The complaint form can also be filled out in Russian, Arabic and English.

The new app was developed by Cambium, a Matrix software development company, and in the future Cambium is expected to develop additional features to add to the existing app infrastructure, which will make it easier for Israeli consumers to understand and exercise their rights.

Ofer Merom, CEO of the Israeli Consumer Council: " We constantly strive to improve our service to consumers and to make the complaint process, when consumers’ rights have been violated, more accessible. We are proud to be launching the app, which is a step forward in this regard. It is very reassuring that consumer rights awareness among the Israeli population is on the rise; last year, the Consumer Council received 73,591 complaints from consumers on various issues, which resulted in refunds amounting to NIS 8,700,000.


However, there is room for improvement, and we believe that the new app will attract a wider public who will choose to exercise their rights, including young consumers who conduct their daily affairs primarily through digital means."

To download the app from Google Play Store click here >>

To download the app from Apple Store click here >>

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