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"Consumerism at a Click" in a Cartoon

This cartoon is our publication for our new service for consumers,
That was launched in the event of WCRD. It was published in the main Israeli Newspaper In the same page describing the visit of President Obama

Initial launch of “Consumerism at a Click,” an application through which an individual consumer can determine, independently and online, whether he is able to cancel a purchase transaction that he has made, whether it is a long distance transaction, door-to-door sale, or other type of transaction, that is, one carried out in a store or at a sales presentation event. Should the response be that, given the circumstances, he is entitled to cancel the transaction, the user will be directed to a specific guide for putting the cancelation into effect, in which he will also find the text of a sample cancelation letter, relevant to the information and circumstances that he fed into the system.

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