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Israel Consumer Council
In Protecting Consumer Rights!
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About Our Web Site

The Council’s Hebrew website has a distinctive, modern look and a user-friendly interface, and allows access to a broad range of information: analysis of consumer issues, questions and answers, consumer tips, consumer laws, judicial rulings and regulations, a guide for filing claims with the small claims court, press releases from the Consumer Council, articles and surveys, and an online complaints form that allows consumer  complaints to easily be submitted to the Council
The site also includes a series of consumer training videos, produced specially for the website. These videos depict common consumer scenarios, and the way that the Israel Consumer Council recommends dealing with those situations.
The website address is: www.consumers.org.il

About Us

The Israel Consumer Council is the largest consumer organization in Israel. It is a statutory, non-profit corporation which works to defend consumers and protect their rights, by handling complaints, seeking solutions to wrongs done to consumers, and through education, enforcement and deterrence, and promotion of consumer rights.