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Mathematics quiz for consumers

When it comes to products sold in packages containing a number of units, the consumer has no way of making comparisons. The Council suggests an amendment to the regulations

The Illusion of the Free Market / Ehud Peleg

The Trachtenberg Committee has issued its recommendations, which are meant to provide a response to the issue of the cost of living. In its conclusions, it was supposed to address the argument made by certain economists and business people,  that the government should not intervene in the free market.

The ICC to assist Consumers through the Small Claims Court

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor, Shalom Simhon, allocated special funding to the ICC, for a project to enhance civil enforcement in the area of consumer rights.

Bank Charges – The Fight goes up a Notch

Members of the Knesset have submitted a new bill, in cooperation with the ICC, to abolish the double payments collected on bank current (checking) accounts

A Survival Guide for the confused Supermarket Shopper

The combination of products, aroma ,background music,of your supermarket is not coincidental. it aimed to get you to waste as much money as possible

Consumer Boycotts – Civil Right or Anarchy?

Is a consumer boycott a revolt against the principles of democracy, or is it actually an  legitimate expression of the consumer’s power within a democratic framework?

People who are entitled to reduced rates from the IEC don’t receive them

CEO of the ICC: The public interest demands that these needy individuals be taken care of ,through a class action suit

Activities for World Consumer Rights Day 2011

To mark World Consumer Rights Day, the Israel consumers Council has performed a number of informational, educational and legislative activities...

About 50% of Consumers Don’t Read food Labels

The Israel Consumer Council and the Association for Public Health Services launched a new guide assisting consumers to understand food labels

Errors in Price Markings at a Major Supermarket Chain

Dozens of errors in price marking were discovered on the shelves at branches of Rami Levy, one of the largest retail food chains in Israel

Only 14% of Consumers understand their Health Insurance

To mark the addition of a Guide to Israeli Health Insurance to its website, the Israel Consumer Council and conducted a survey

Collaboration between MK Carmel Shama - Hacohen and the Consumer Council

Have drawn up a bill calling for consumer protection to be added to the goals of the Bank of Israel

Where do they teach social justice?/ Ehud Peleg

“The People Demand Social Justice” has become the rallying cry for public protests currently taking place in Israel...

The Council struggles to reduce the price of a single text message

The ICC is currently waging a campaign against unreasonable profit margins within the Israeli economy

The Nutrition Fiasco in the Education System

The Knesset’s Education Committee decided to adopt a the Council proposal, and make schools and local authorities monitor the food sold within schools.

The Council calls for dairy products to again be placed under price control

in light of recent increases in the price of food products. Also calls for the cancellation of VAT on price-controlled dairy products.

Textbook Search Engine being added to the Ministry of Education Website

The Israel Consumer Council, at a meeting of the Knesset’s Education Committee, suggested to add the search engine.

The municipalities and water companies should prevent misuse of water

The Council has received inquiries from consumers who have been charged by the water companies for water that was stolen

The Council supports consumer access to taped conversations recording

Companies keep recordings of calls made to their telephone call centers, and use it to document transactions.

The Council calls for an immediate reduction in the price of gasoline

The recent increase in the price of gasoline has increased the State’s income from fuel taxes beyond expected levels...

A competition to find “The Biggest Billing Error”

According to a survey, about half of consumers check their bills. the errors found - one billion Israeli Shekels each year.

The Council calls on consumers to boycott cellular companies

The Consumer Council is calling on consumers to stop using mobile phones when at home or in the office

New regulations, granting a cash refund on products

By the power of new regulations, consumersare now able to revoke transactions to purchase a wide array of products and services

Comprehensive changes to consumer warning signs in Duty Free stores

The  Israeli Consumer Council receives countless complaints each year regarding the Duty Free stores in Ben Gurion Airport .

The manner in which hotel room prices are advertised does not meet consumer law

57% of consumers do not understand hotel room price advertisements

Most consumers do not watch most of the channels available to them

The basic viewing package in Israel includes 49 channels ("Yes" satellite services) or 62 channels ("HOT" cable communications...)

The Israeli Consumer Council : Supervision on dairy products must be returned

The Consumer Council calls on ...

For the first time: A consumer rights guide in Arabic

For the first time: A consumer rights guide in Arabic. For the first time: A consumer rights guide in Arabic.For the first time...

About Us

The Israel Consumer Council is the largest consumer organization in Israel. It is a statutory, non-profit corporation which works to defend consumers and protect their rights, by handling complaints, seeking solutions to wrongs done to consumers, and through education, enforcement and deterrence, and promotion of consumer rights.